Members of the NAACP picket the apartment building at 647 W. Warren for discriminative housing practices. Detroit, Michigan. 1963.

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McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Wayne State University - Detroit, MI
Architect: Minoru Yamasaki
Built in 1958

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During the late Sixties, Wayne State had a politically active campus. This is obvious when you look at the header of The South End between 1968 and 1969 when John Watson was editor. Notice the images bracketing the title? That would be the logo for the radical Black Panther movement, a radical organization with the aim of empowerment for African Americans.

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This is another photo from the discussion, showing the crowd that gathered to hear the Lansing native discuss the future of his movement.

"We are not afraid to go to jail or afraid to take the life of those who take our life. We believe the fair exchange. This is the price of freedom, and we are prepared to pay the price."

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Malcolm X delivering a speech in 101 State Hall on October 22, 1963. The talk was on the aims of the Nation of Islam.

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It’s been a long time since this blog has been active, but hopefully I’ll start getting things back into rotation. Once again, the focus of this blog is some of the cool history present here, and so sometimes the research it takes to find the stuff gets in the way of, well, graduating from Wayne State. Anyway, I have a couple new things in the queue. Enjoy.

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Alright, this blog hasn’t been updated in a while because I’ve run out of ideas. Some of the best ones come from questions, so if you’re curious about something, ask and I’ll see what I can find out.

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Under Construction

One of the things about Wayne State University I hear complained about often is that there’s always construction. Some new reason to block off walkways and cause me to have to walk five minutes out of my way just to get to class. Or the noise. Loud trucks disturbing classrooms and construction workers wandering campus, confused by our walkways and how everything connects.

But no gets it. Not really.

Wayne State, unlike most universities, truly understands growth. So when you have to change your major three times, because the job market doesn’t match your childhood dreams, it doesn’t judge, or ostracize you. You’re never the oldest or youngest in your class, because Wayne State is a University that accepts diversity.

The University gets critcized often for it’s low admission standards. Critics cite it as the reason for the extremely low graduation rate, and that is a factor, yes. But what this means is that Wayne State understands change,  that you are not, and will not forever be the person you were in high school. Not everyone had the ability to take Advanced Placement classes and participate in half a dozen extra-curriculars and sports become some schools just dont offer them. Life gets in the way, or you just weren’t interested. And you shouldn’t be punished because you weren’t sure, or you were hesitant. The decision whether or not to run for class president sophomore year of high school should not determine the rest of your life, and your ACT scores don’t make you any better or less than anyone else. 

And Wayne State understands.

Wayne State allows you to become a completely different person, if you want, or in most caszes, a better version of yourself.

So yes, Wayne State University is under construction, but so am I. And you should be, too.

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August 26, 1964. Wayne University Helen DeRoy Auditorium

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A little advertising for one of my favorite professors, M.L. Liebler, who is heading up the first annual Wayne State Literary Walk. Basically, a bunch of local authors and poets will be set up at various locations on or near campus, giving readings and selling their latest works. A great free event if you’re not busy.

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